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Welcome Bags | Delivered

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Welcome bags can be, and usually are, a big hassle for any event you are planning. Hence, why we created our business to streamline the process for you. (See Mom, sometimes we do use our noggins!)

All kidding aside, it can be a daunting process especially if you do not live in the town of your event. What to put in the bags? What type of bag? How do I get them to the hotels? So this edition of the blog is breaking down the welcome bag dilemma.

First off, like anything you have to establish a budget. Now I can already hear what you are thinking, "How do I determine a budget?" . The simplest way would be a total spend. I know I want to spend 500 and I need 20 bags = 25 per bag. What you may find out pretty quickly is that you may need more than that to do anything custom, but nevertheless a good jumping off point.

Next up what to put in the welcome bags. Of course, there are always the go-to items, water, snacks, and depending on area of the event, sunscreen, bug repellent etc... that sort of thing. Next, think about what your favorite things are and if budget allows, add something like that. I especially love when clients add his and hers favorite candies. And finally, if you are having a destination event, look for something local so your guests will remember what an amazing time they had at your event.

Stationary is also something to keep in mind. It can be as simple as a welcome or thank you tag on the outside of your bag, to a more elaborate itinerary for guests inserted in the bag.

Finally packaging, this is probably one of my favorites because it can truly express your personality or the personality of the event. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your packaging, is will everything fit in the item I have selected. Nothing worse than getting all your goodies and realizing they don't fit in your perfect welcome (bag/box/crate).

And of course, if this feels like it's too much, your gifting gurus at at The Provisions Co., offer the simplest solution, as easy as 1,2,3 - Pick you bag, pick your goodies, pick your stationery & we will deliver!


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